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Theory of Expedition Planning

Meaning of Lite

GUEST POST: Zand Martin is a NOLS Instructor, the Outside Magazine 2011 Adventurer of the Year, and recently wrapped up a 20,000 kilometer trip around the world. Some of the ideas below were adapted from Zand’s book, NOLS Expedition Canoeing. You can follow his explorations at

Bike Touring Set Up with Backcountry SkisIn preparing for any great human-powered feat, you might feel the weight of detail involved to be a great burden. It shouldn’t be like that – planning a Brooks Range traverse or a family day hike with small children (both great challenges) involve the same steps with varying levels of detail. There are a myriad of tracks on how to plan a journey just so. From the Amundsen technique to the McCandless theories; each explorer, teacher, and adventure mom has their own style.

While internet resources abound, the textbook NOLS Expedition Planning is perhaps the best place to start…

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