Tips for Surviving Your First Thru-Hike

Meaning of Lite

By Bryce Allison, guest contributor

I’m not a planner, at least not anymore. When I sat down to plan my first thru-hike (Pacific Crest Trail in 2013), I had already read all the guidebooks, scoured countless blogs from previous hikers, and hiked hundreds of miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, but I found myself becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the very thought of planning my life for the next five months. The “ah-ha!” moment for me came when I asked myself out of frustration, “how am I ever going to plan this?” Hearing myself say it aloud made me laugh, and I quickly realized that the question I should really be asking is, “why would I want to plan my life for the next five months?” Instead of planning my thru-hike, I decided to prepare for it and just hope for the best… and it worked!

Bighorn Plateau camp Bighorn Plateau camp

Here are…

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